For over 10 years we have been managing rent collection for agents, and currently manage over 10,000+ tenants.

With every call, we manage relationships with tenants, co-tenants and guarantors.

By coaxing and not just demanding payments, making paying simple and encouraging tenants not to give up, we can achieve payment of rent.  Each rent collected means a management fee collected for the agent, as well as a happy landlord and a tenant who is secure in their property.

We are continually improving our chasing methods and tailor our approach to individual tenants based on our current and previous successes.

Using our own particular brand of chasing we are consistently hitting overall rent collection percentages in excess of 90%.

rent collection

Rent Collection Features & Benefits

Chasing Head Tenant for Rent and Standing Order Set up
Our team will ensure that all tenants that are in arrears are chased within agreed time-scales, and will also ensure that we get as many as possible set up on STO’s.

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Rental income is the lifeblood of a Letting Agency, and our rent management experts will ensure that the cash flow in your business is maintained and healthy. We know that chasing tenants for money is a timely exercise that needs a great deal of time and attention, without which arrears can quickly spiral out of control, resulting in missed payments to landlords, creating the potential of losing stock.

Chasing via Telephone, SMS, Email and Post
Our team will ensure that all potential avenues of contacting tenants is explored regularly to ensure great results.

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We know that communication methods have changed over the years and people now have different preferences on how they like to communicate with others. we ensure that no stone is left unturned when seeking correspondence.

Chasing of Co-Tenants and Guarantors
When the tenant is not contactable we will focus our attentions on all other potential avenues.

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We understand that some tenants can “disappear” for periods of time when there is outstanding rent on their account. We will explore all other avenues available, including co-tenants, guarantors, next of kin and guardians to ensure we get the result you expect.

Taking Payments from your Tenants
We can provide you with access to our PDQ (card machine) for us to take payments from your tenants immediately.

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PDQ’s can be a costly addition to any office. Branch Out has a dedicated ring-fenced universal client account with a PDQ machine. This will ensure that tenants are not finishing call with promises of payments, only to not stick to the promise and require further chasing. All monies taken on the PDQ are then forwarded to you via online banking, with a detailed breakdown of all monies taken.

Weekly Arrears Report
End of week reports to detail any outstanding cases.

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Full details of all outstanding arrears for you to review, and allow you to action any potential rent guarantee schemes. This report also allows you to remain proactive in your communication with any Landlords that may be affected by late rent payments. Ensuring you deliver excellent customer service.

Regular and Consistent Chasing
Protecting the life blood of your business.

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