Are you or a member of your team going on holiday? Worried about who is going to look after the client accounting?

We can ensure its business as usual, with our tailor made holiday cover services.

Our standard accounts service can cover all of the basics for you, such as daily client account reconcile, processing maintenance deductions, processing landlord and contractor payments, and processing sales drawdowns.

The service offered can be further enhanced with our bespoke rent collection and print, pack & post services.

We also offer our services on longer term or permanent periods and can cover sickness, maternity & paternity etc.

Just because you’re on holiday, doesn’t mean you business is!

Client Accounting Features & Benefits

Upload Bank Statement
Our experienced and skilled team of client accountants will upload your client account on a daily basis.

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When you get into the office in the morning there is usually a great deal of emails and voicemails to work through from potential landlords and tenants. Don’t get distracted from these messages by needing to log on to banking software and download statement entries – focus on those new VIPs who are going to generate new business for you.

What we would need from you – Your bank should be able to set up Delegate Access for us to log on to your bank account remotely.

Daily Reconcile of Statement
Our experienced and skilled team of client accountants will reconcile your client account on a daily basis.

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In Client Accounting, as in all accounts, accuracy is king.  Our service ensures all monies are allocated to the correct people, ensuring that your business delivers on recommended accounting practice when handling client monies.

Additional details – If you have large incoming transfers from Councils or Credit Unions which handle money due to tenants, send us the breakdown and we will assign the amounts to each individual tenant account.

Processing of Contractor Invoices
Send all of your contractor invoices to our dedicated email address/ portal where our team will process them against the correct landlord accounts.

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Save yourself valuable time and never miss a payment to a contractor. Additionally, never unwittingly over or underpay a landlord or contractor.

Additional Service – our administration team can arrange to attach the PDF of your contractor invoice into the system, so that it can get sent with the landlord’s next statement

What we need to know from you – do you have any ‘peak times’ during the year for maintenance, perhaps if lots of your tenancies end and start around the same part of the year (ie. Students in the summer!)

Payment Runs to your Landlords & Contractors
After all monies have been allocated during the client account reconciliation, and all contractor invoices have been processed, we will create your payment file.

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Rest easy that landlords and contractors alike that need paying are paid the correct amounts on time, every time.

Additional Details – as a standard, we recommend 2 payment runs per week.

Additional Details – The LetMC Client BACS option has been developed as a time-saving tool for Branch Out clients who are currently using Online Payments to landlords and contractors.  For these agents, time is extremely precious, and they recognise that the hours spent making individual payments could be better spent developing their business or with their families.  The process also ensures accuracy of payment amounts is maintained, as the payment is sent as a batch rather than entering individual payments to banking software.

Uploading of TDS Deposits
With access to your TDS deposit account, our team will ensure all relevant monies are uploaded and therefore protected.

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Never fall foul of deposit requirements that can prove to be costly and damaging to your brand. Our team ensure all monies that need protecting are allocated to the TDS well within the prescribed dates.

Additional details – Our Documentation Team can insert an additional page into your tenancy agreements to help tenants to find the TDS Certificate on the TDS website if they need to, meaning that you do not need to spend time logging on and downloading the Certificate for them.

Posting of Landlord Statements
Our administration team will follow up the work completed by our accountants, by generating, printing and posting all Landlord statements for you.

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Your landlords will receive relevant statements that match their payments to give them peace of mind of what monies they have received are for.

Additional service – We can also attach copies of any contractor invoices that have been paid to ensure transparency, helping your agency to deliver excellent customer service.

Additional Service – we have links with Whistl (formerly TNT) which means that we can arrange for ALL of your ‘snail mail’ items to be sent, saving you valuable time, as well as saving money on stationery, staff and stamps!

Direct Access to our Client Account Team
Access to our team of experts via email, phone and live chat functionality. They will be able to provide you with sound and accurate advice for any issues that you may be experiencing.

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With over 25 years’ worth of experience, we have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the lettings industry, and of some of the difficulties that agents face on a day to day basis. We can provide you with real-time support to ensure that you are following best practice, and are not losing out on potential income.

Additional service – we can spot patterns in the nature of the queries that your staff members raise, and if necessary, can highlight to you any additional training needs. This training can then be arranged separately via LetMC directly using screen sharing software (Webex).

NRL Requirements
Every so often, we meet a new client who is unaware of their responsibilities regarding Non Resident Landlords, and the tax that must be deducted if a landlord does not have their Approval from HMRC.

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If this is you, don’t panic – our team are ready to deal with the Quarterly (NRLQ) and Annual (NRLY) deadlines, and the NRL6 certificates.

Additional service – if you are reviewing all landlords and their residential status, an Audit would help to identify those on whom you need to focus your attention.

Getting Started
Our team want to get to know you and your normal processes, priorities and peak times.  If you are an existing LetMC customer (our software of choice), this can greatly speed up the process of getting to know you and being able to easily pick up your accounts.

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If you are not an existing LetMC customer, or if you are worried that there are errors in your data that need to be identified, please speak to us about our Audit Services.  We can then work with you to decide the best plan for your accounts going forward.

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