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Testimonial from Moginie James

We have been using the services of the BranchOut team at LetMC since last April and I cannot recommend them highly enough.


The relationship has been very smooth and is so seamless, our tenants , landlords and contractors are not aware that they aren’t actually dealing directly with ourselves.  


The levels of service are very high as are the levels of communication. There are times when our staff have made errors with the accounts but as soon as we notify the team, they rectify the mistakes as quickly as possible and without fuss.


Landlords and contractors are paid promptly and there have been no issues.


We also asked the team to take over our rent chasing and this has also proved to be very successful. Prior to this, the branch staff would chase rent arrears but it was sometimes on a very sporadic and ad hoc basis…one of the main advantages for me is that the rent chasing is now standardised and there is a very robust process in place for chasing – even the most difficult of clients!


We recently had a very awkward customer who decided not to pay his rent for the last two months of the tenancy –meaning a potential loss of £2,800 rent for the landlord. The team at Let MC were relentless in their pursuit of the tenant and his Guarantor and in total made around 68 phone calls, letters, emails etc and eventually managed to get the entire rental sum owed which was a fantastic result!


All the staff here really enjoy dealing with the team as apart from being so helpful, professional and extremely competent at what they do, are all extremely nice people to work with.



Moginie James

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